2020 Judges

Shawn Tapley

Shawn Tapley, affectionately known as Tap, is the owner/operator of Premier Grooming Lounge two locations – WT Harris and Sharon Amity in Charlotte, NC.  Tap has been in the industry for over 20 years and is Owner/Operator at Premier Grooming Academy www.premiergroomingacademy.com.

Tap prides his success on never becoming complacent and his belief to staying in a humbling learning environment. Tap is Certified in Non-Surgical Hair Replacements (Units) a very unique service provided by only a few professionals in Charlotte.

According to Tap, “I have some goals I want to accomplish in the industry, so I have to keep this sword sharpened. I still watch great barbers on social media and try to at least go to two hair shows yearly. When you become comfortable and start to coast in this industry that’s when your skills diminish”.

You can follow Tap on IG and FB and via his website at www.cutbytap.com.

Tynetta Hare

Tynetta Nicole Hare is a dynamic soloist, who sings songs that soothe the soul and transform broken spirits.  Her infectious personality, sense of humor and spirit of God within her, bring peace to any environment.  Tynetta has been singing since the age of three years old.  She has toured internationally with M.C. Hammer as a back up singer and lead vocalist.  Her voice has been featured on the “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt’em, CD and his gospel CD, “Inside Out.” Tynetta has also had the opportunity to sing, “Go For It,” which is a song featured on the Rocky V soundtrack.

Tynetta is also a licensed cosmetologist and owner of The Vine Designs located in the University area of Charlotte, NC.