Stylist Registration

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Stylist competitor must be 18 years of age or older and a licensed cosmetologist. Competitor must sign waiver form. The entry fee is $225 and each competitor must sell a minimum of 10 tickets. If you do not meet the requirements you will not be allowed to participate in the competition and will forfeit all monies paid. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Stylist competitor may have one make-up artist, one assistant to help backstage, and up to 10 models per performance. If a model is younger than 18 years old, a parent/guardian must sign a waiver form. All models must pay a reduced entry fee of $5.

All hair should be show-ready prior to arrival (with exception of minimal, necessary add-ons; space will be provided to allow for your finishing touches).

Extensions, partial and full weaves are allowed and can be colored. Wigs are not allowed. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Stylist will be allowed 3 minutes to set up and a maximum of 7 minutes to perform. Participants will be PENALIZED if time is exceeded.

NO profanity or vulgar lyrics in any performance or music and NO nudity allowed. Keep attire at a respectable and tasteful level.

NO alcohol, tobacco, or drug advertisements are to be shown on any clothing. NO pyrotechnics, open flames, fog machines or any other dangerous additions.

Sound technician and microphone(s) will be provided. YOU must provide your own music via thumb drive and MP3 file. All music must be delivered to show's coordinator at

Absolutely NO persons are allowed in the dressing rooms except contestant, assistant, make-up artist and model(s). NO EXCEPTIONS!

Food is not permitted on the competition floor. At NO time will smoking be permitted in the competition area.

Coaching from the audience will cause competitor to be penalized.

First Prize Winner - $1000 and Trophy; Second Prize – Trophy; Third Prize – Trophy

By checking this box, the participant consents that he/she understands and agree to these rules and regulations.

By checking this box, I agree to exercise the utmost care in the use of all facilities and properties utilized during The Hair Games event. Failure to abide will result in immediate removal from venue with all monies forfeited to show management. The Hair Games may, without incurring any liability of any kind whatsoever, require any stylist/model who violates any of the provisions of this contract or of its Conditions and Regulations, to remove forthwith together with his/her products, equipment and furniture, from the show. Upon breach of the contract by the stylist/model, the management of the Show shall have the right to retain all fees and deposits therefore paid as liquidated and not as a penalty.